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Reputation Management

Earn Customers' Trust

Showcase great reviews and move up in local search rankings. 


Easily gather, filter and promote customers' reviews on several sites.

View and respond to all review sites from a single platform.

Manage online reputation, build good ratings and deliver customers to your doorstep. 

Why Reputation Desk?

Review Generation

Send review requests through email or SMS and keep track of click open rates and times. 

Review  Management

View, track and maintain consumer reviews associated with your company.

Daniyal B. 

'Manage review websites in one place.'

Owner, Sporting Goods

"I stopped having to log in to individual review websites to see what people are saying about my brand. I can view many websites right in one dashboard which saves me time."

What Our Customers Are Saying On

What Our Customers Are Saying On 

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Grow your business by generating more positive reviews from your customers on websites like Google, Facebook and Yelp using one dashboard.

Generate Online Reviews and Increase Engagement

Negative Review Blocker Dashboard

See positive and negative reviews in one dashboard and advertise the good reviews on your website.

Review  Reporting

Pull reports and view constructive criticism provided by customers on your business.

Automated Review Reminders

Automatically resend a review request to your customer in 24 hours if it remains unopened.

Review Widget

Add a widget to your website to showcase online reviews as testimonials.


Taimur B. 


Project Manager 

"This software is very easy-to-use. I can easily login and manage reviews from multiple websites and generate reviews from new clients. The features work well for me."


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